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Tapatalk is a social app that allows you to access lots of different communities all in the same place. It is basically a big community made up of smaller communities, from which you can participate in the communities which interest you the most.

The first time you open Tapatalk, you can select your interests and join related groups. For example, if you like Warhammer, you can subscribe to any of the many groups that have to do with Warhammer, which will then enable you to participate in those communities.

Once in a community, you can view all the discussion topics from other users in the community, or make your own. You can share photos, ask for suggestions, or even send private messages to other users to ask more specific questions.

Tapatalk is a very interesting social tool which offers more than 50,000 online communities to any user. Whatever your interests - cars, soccer, parenting, video games - you can find groups with which you can share your experiences, photos, comments, and suggestions.
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